MiA's "Dirty@30" #ICYMI

MiA's "DiRTY@30" today was LiT! Find out who KIKI really is....Uncle Snoop Dogg confessed some juicy info! Video below Also: The BET HIP HOP AWARDS airs TONIGHT! Drake is nominated for 11 awards!!! Kanye West back to making headlines, but this time for something positive. Find out what he gave the...
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You're not going to believe WHAT KANYE did

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are in Africa right now (Ugonda) to be exact. And KANYE gave a bunch of KIDS YEEZY shoes. That's #whatsGood im always going to report a story about good news! Keep that UP Kanye! Kanye West gives Yeezy’s out to kids in Uganda! ------ Via: @KimKardashian
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