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My next SHE-RO is a financial expert and educator who's been helping people for several years get started on their journey to financial growth. Her mission is to help and protect families from financial hardship regardless of social economic background. She provides Financial Education by assisting...
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It was so nice to have met Constance Carter who holds many inspiring titltes CEO | INVESTOR | SPEAKER | WEALTH GURU | TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH BEST SELLING AUTHOR
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"SHE-ROES" w/ ALiYAH SiDQE #BlackHistoryMonth Series

Back at it folks and I'm so excited to highlight "Black History Month" and sit down with some amazing Black Girl Magic SHE-ROES in our community.
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t's 2020 and I'm back in full force with "SHE-ROES" highlighting all the DOPE WOMEN. For my 1st 2020 guest I invited the amazing Roxana Damas who is also El Salvadorian like ME! She is a Public Personality/Coach, Singer , Author and is part of the Women's Economic Empowerment Global Live (The...
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mia and bryanna

"SHE-ROES" w/ Bryanna Quinonez

I'm back from Thanksgiving vacation and i'm feeling really #thankful for this platform to highlight some amazing women. My boss forwarded me Bryanna's information and told me how she was doing some great things in Sacramento. I reserched her a little more and was happily surprised to learn she is...
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I'm having such a good time sitting down with women who are making a difference, impacting and changing lives. I feel so inspired after I do these interviews to reach higher. My next "SHE-ROES" guest is an amazing woman from San Jose, Ca who's on a mission to unite and empower women through her...
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"SHE-ROES" Denisha “Coco” Blossom #Poet #SAYSCoordinator

My next SHE-RO is Denisha “ Coco ” Blossom from Sacramento. I had a chance to meet Coco earlier this year as we both hosted the Sacramento's Women's March 2019. I got to know her and learn her story and she just amazed me on all the great things she's been doing in our community and working with...
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Michelle Obama Makes a Guest Appearance at 61st Grammy Awards

Michelle Obama Makes Surprise Appearance at 61st Annual Grammys

Not only did last night’s Grammy Awards feature the first female host in over a decade, the show was also kicked off by a group of ground shakin’ and move makin’ women. Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Lopez, and Michelle Obama all walked out on stage to the beat of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s...
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