big mic

Big Mic went meat-free for a week, here's how he felt a week later.

Big Mic talks about his week of being #MeatlessMic and taking meat out of his diet for a week!
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Ruby Pearls

Big Mic's last day of Meatless Mic takes him to Noble Vegetarian!

Its officially the last day of Big Mic's Meatless Mic journey as he removed meat from his diet for a week!
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Empty plate

Day 3 of Big Mic's "Meatless Mic" journey! Bring on the Mexican Vegetarian Combo

Its Day 3 of Big Mic's "Meatless Mic" week and he threw down on a Vegetarian Combo at the local Mexican Food Restaurant
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Carls Jr

Day 2 of Big Mic's "Meatless Mic Week" gets SPICY with Carls Jr's Beyond Burger

Day 2 of Big Mic going Meat Free for a week and today he got SPICY with Carl's Jr's Beyond Spicy BBQ Cheeseburger!
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Big Mic becomes Meatless Mic this week with no meat for a week.

Big Mic has decided to go Meatless...well..for a week! Join Big Mic as he becomes Meatless Mic over the next week!
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Starting next month, Disney is going to become more vegan-friendly The company announced they’ll start offering hundreds of plant-based options, at both their quick and table service restaurants There will be 400 plant-based items added andwill be easily be able to spot them because they’ll be...
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Burger King becomes the latest restaurant to give customers a plant-based option instead of meat. The fast-food chain announced on Monday that the Impossible Whopper will be on menus across the country by the end of the year. The meatless burger is made from wheat and potato proteins. Burger King...
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Set Traditional organic vegan ingredient Super Food in Middle East and Asian cooking cereals

Take Steps Toward Green Living with These Easy Recipes

These delicious recipes make it super easy to incorporate vegan options into your wedding!
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