UFC 252 Is Coming For You With Some Help From Pop Smoke

To get fans ready for the next earth-shattering rumble from UFC, ESPN+ has procured late Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke’s thumping track “Shake the Room.”
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Sacramento MMA fighter surprises fiancée before surgery

Sacramento MMA fighter Vince Murdock threw a surprise wedding for his fiancee just days before his brain surgery.
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Ronda Rousey shares how she almost lost her finger

Well nobody will ever question whether Ronda Rousey is a bad ass, both from her time in UFC and WWE becoming champion in both... but while shooting a scene for 9-1-1 she almost lost her finger, AND FINISHED THE SCENE! She decided to share with all how she almost lost her finger...oh yeah...and...
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Ethan Miller / Staff

Nate Diaz is making UFC 241 look like its gonna be LIT

There are a few things you should already know about UFC Fighter Nate Diaz : He is notoriously from Stockton and represents (he even went to Tokay High School, like me). He likes weed (he and his bother have had some formal reprimand from UFC in the past). He gives zero F^%#$ about anything,...
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