Orlando Bloom Misspells Son's Name in New Morse Code Tattoo

Getting a tattoo for your child seems sweet, but how would you feel if there was an error? Orlando Bloom misspelled son Flynn’s name in new morse code tattoo.
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DoorDash Wants to Help You Cover Up Tattoos of Your Ex for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. You may be planning to buy some flowers, or even jewelry for your loved one, but are you planning to remove a tattoo? Some people get their significant other's name for a tattoo , and some of them break up and want it removed as soon as possible. If you...
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Man Pranks Wife With Huge Tattoo of Her Snoring Face on His Thigh

A British man took a joke so far that it “crossed the line” and left him with a permanent mark. James McGraw wanted to get even with his wife Kelly for giving him a bad haircut so he decided to get a huge tattoo of her passed out and snoring on his thigh. Wife horrified after husband gets 'ugly'...
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Chris Brown performs at the 2017 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater on June 25, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.


Everyone in the 916 is excited to see Chris Brown this Saturday Night @ The Golden 1 Center. And this AM MiA IN THE MORNING Got a Call from the BIGGEST CHRIS BROWN FAN! At first we didn't believe she was being honest about her getting his name tattoed but then she sent in the picture and WOW!! BiG...
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Celine Dion tells Drake to NOT tattoo her face on him

Well...Drake had mentioned that he would like to add Celine Dion's face as a tattoo to his 35 current tattoos on his body but Celine had a clear message for Drizzy....."DONT" LOL She said he can write her a love letter, or send autographis to her kids, or grab lunch or dinner or a drink but NO FACE...
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