Havent gotten Popeye's new Chicken Sandwich? May not be able to now

So if you were thinking to yourself "I really want to try Popeye's new Chicken Sandwich, but I'll wait till all the crazy lines end" well turns out you may not be in luck because turns out that Popeye's might actually run out of its viral sandwich by the end of the week! Apparently Popeyes planned...
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Travis Scott has a Cereal Collaboration?!

Remember when the Kardashian sisters used to work with every client that came their way? Those girls appeared in campaigns from Charmin Ultra to T-Mobile's Sidekick . It looks like Travis Scott may have taken a page out of their book. The Astroworld rapper is teaming up with General Mills to come...
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Eeeeeoooowwww! Cardi B's Fashion Nova line SOLD OUT 3 hours after being released! We're hearing that alll sizes and alll items SOLD OUT! GOOO CARDI BACARDI EEEEOOWWING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK! WE FN DID IT! #FNxCARDI has now SOLD OUT! Thank ALL of you for your endless support!! WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE...
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