Twitter is Throwing Major Shade at Instagram and We're Here for it!

Twitter is doing the most trying to prove a point right now! The social media giant called out Instagram on its own platform, talk about pettyness levels at an all time high! Check out Twitter's Instagram page for yourself HERE. The bio on Twitter's Instagram reads "Screenshot of Tweets," referring...
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Ethan Miller / Staff

Guilty Pleasure of the Day: Laughing at LeBron James

Arguably, LeBron James is the biggest sports figure in the world. And in the past few months he has been popular for his Taco Tuesdays, especially on social media. With that being said, there is just something about laughing at a celebrity that is winning when they lose. Maybe its just me, but I...
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Andrew Lincoln, who stars as Rick Grimes

Twitter answers the question "What would Rick do?" on Game of Thrones

The Walking Dead shades Game of Thrones
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Lil Kim Throws Shade At Nicki Minaj

Lil’ Kim was in attendance at Paris Hilton x Boohoo’s official launch party, and while there, she shaded Nicki Minaj, proving that their years-long feud is still not over.
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