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KANYE WEST CLOSES CHICK-FIL-A TO SING CLOSED ON SUNDAY. VIDEO : See Kanye sing "Closed On Sunday" (aka Chick-Fil-A) AT a Chick-Fil-A
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How to Get a Free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Delivered to Your Home This Week

Popeyes and Postmates have launched a new chicken sandwich promotion! Randomly selected customers will score a promo code that works like a chain reaction. Find out more now.
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Popeyes' Latest Tweet Has Followers Speculating a Menu Change

Popeyes most recent Twitter trolling venture has fans wondering if they’re going to be adding new items to their menu. The chicken giant took to Twitter on Monday with just one word. “Pizza,” the tweet reads.
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National Fried Chicken Day Hack?? Big Mic shares his favorite deal

Big Mic shares one of his favorite deals on National Fried Chicken Day at Popeyes
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It's National Fried Chicken Day — Crispy Deals From KFC, Popeyes and More

Here are a few awesome deals to get your crispy chicken fix for National Fried Chicken Day. With bargains from Popeyes, KFC, Burger King and more.
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Popeyes Is Giving Away Free Chicken Tenders Through June 30th

Popeyes wants to make sure the start of your summer is a real treat. The fast-food chain is offering free three-piece chicken tenders from now until June 30th.
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Buffalo Wild Wings Enters Chicken Wars With 'Way Better' Sandwich Than Popeyes

Buffalo Wild Wings didn’t just throw itself into the ring, it declared that it should have found victory amongst the fiercest competitors, Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. Find out why they think they have the best chicken sandwich around.
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The 7 Best Popeyes Menu Items Ranked

Few fast food chains have captured diner loyalty quite like Popeyes. Since its founding in 1972 in New Orleans, the friendly Southern chain has given the colonel quite a run for his fried chicken money, but a host of other menu items have inspired fans too. While the menu includes a number of items...
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Popeyes Launches Line of Apparel Amid Chicken Sandwich Wars

After weeks of perfecting their stance in the fried chicken wars, Popeyes is now entering the fashion game by selling their own apparel. Popeyes, the chain responsible for pitting other fried chicken fast food joints against each other, is now carving out a niche of their own by adding a selection...
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Oprah Says Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Has 'Competition'

You get a lobster roll, and you get a lobster roll, and you get a lobster roll. Should Popeyes be worried after the legendary run of their Chicken Sandwich in 2019? According to Oprah Winfrey, there’s a new contender in town: the Maine lobster roll. The media mogul pressed her official stamp of...
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