In the Heights

Watch the First Trailer for 'In the Heights'

Take a look at Warner Bros. first trailer for "In the Heights" set to hit theaters Summer 2020.
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Cardi B & Jennifer Lopez to appear in Stripper revenge movie

This probably sounds like a dream movie scenario from some creepo but its indeed a real movie with some awesome talent involved! It turns out that Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu and others will be starring in a movie called Hustlers which is actually based on a REAL story of strippers who...
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Move Over 3-D, Here Comes 4-DX

Move over 3D … 4DX, a new movie theater concept that is designed to engage all five senses, is set to open in London this week. The theater features high-tech motion seats and special effects to simulate wind, snow, fog, lightning, water, scents, and more. The idea is to being the action on the...
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Check Out The New Trailer For "Superfly" [Video]

Video of SUPERFLY - Official Teaser Trailer (HD) The first trailer for the upcoming reboot of SuperFly emphasizes that the action drama is new from the ground up. Set in modern day Atlanta, not the Harlem of the '70s original, the film sports a high-tech look and hip-hop score. There's no sign of...
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Cinemark Is Banning Big Bags

So where are all my snacks going to go?
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LeBron James To Produce A Remake Of The 90s Classic House Party

King James will be behind the 90s classic movie House Party, but who will star in the roles of Kid n Play?
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