meatless mic

big mic

Big Mic went meat-free for a week, here's how he felt a week later.

Big Mic talks about his week of being #MeatlessMic and taking meat out of his diet for a week!
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Empty plate

Day 3 of Big Mic's "Meatless Mic" journey! Bring on the Mexican Vegetarian Combo

Its Day 3 of Big Mic's "Meatless Mic" week and he threw down on a Vegetarian Combo at the local Mexican Food Restaurant
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Carls Jr

Day 2 of Big Mic's "Meatless Mic Week" gets SPICY with Carls Jr's Beyond Burger

Day 2 of Big Mic going Meat Free for a week and today he got SPICY with Carl's Jr's Beyond Spicy BBQ Cheeseburger!
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Big Mic becomes Meatless Mic this week with no meat for a week.

Big Mic has decided to go Meatless...well..for a week! Join Big Mic as he becomes Meatless Mic over the next week!
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