Bianca V's Breakdown: Lifestyle/Society/Cultural

What Do You Find Annoying about Your Coworkers?

Check out what our listeners find annoying about their coworkers with Bianca V's Question of the Day!
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Bianca V's Breakdown: Lifestyle

What's One Weird Thing Someone Should Try At Least Once?!

Check out what listeners shared during Bianca V's Question of the Day!
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Sacramento Native, Jose Rodriguez stars in Temptation Island

Sacramento Native, Jose Rodriguez stars in Temptation Island!
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Most Googled Halloween Costumes of 2019

Here they are...the most Googled Halloween costumes of 2019!
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Science Proves Owning a Dog is Good for your Health :')

Thinking of getting a dog? New study shows furry companions are good for your health!
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Uhh White Claws just Inspired this Halloween Costume...

Halloween costumes seem to get more and more outrageous every year from Sexy Mr. Rogers fits to flirtacious White Claw Cans...
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Instagram Blocking Beauty Influencers' Posts

Instagram is enforcing a new policy that is preventing minors from seeing posts that promote weight-loss and cosmetic surgery.
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Who Drank All the White Claws?! Company Announces Shortage

Who drank all the white claws?! America's favorite seltzer just announced a shortage!
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Chipotle's Compostable Bowls Linked to Cancer Causing Chemicals

I hate to break the bad news to all the Chipotle lovers out there, but a recent study by The New Food Economy found that Chipotle's compostable bowls may contain harmful chemicals . KCRA3 reports that the bowls are contaminated with " forever chemicals " that essentially don't break down easily...
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You can Pay More to Talk Less during your Uber Ride

Uber just made it that much easier to nap during your next ride. The ride service company took users' suggestions into account with its latest feature comfort rides . Apparently too many drivers were annoying riders with mindless conversations, and I'm not gonna lie I've been there myself!...
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