hot dog


Footlong hot dogs! Burgers! Brats! Nachos! Ohhhhh the joy of going to a football game and trying all of the different options! Have you ever thoughr to yourself "I wish I could travel all over the country and try them all" Well turns out the sports betting site Pickswise wants to pick one lucky NFL...
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Wrong number texter tells police officer "we got high" lol

Most of us have at some point in our lives had the awkward moment where we text the wrong number, either because we put it in wrong, the person changed their number, etc...and typically when the recepient says "wrong number" we either go on our way or say "sorry" and keep it moving. Well one...
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Oscar Mayer is hiring a weinermobile driver

Oscar Mayer is Accepting Applications for a Professional Wienermobile Driver

Oscar Mayer is looking for a a weinermobile driver. Do you have what it takes?
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