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2 years after being released, Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" goes #1!

2 years ago Lizzo dropped a record called "Truth Hurts" and other than some airplay in Minnesota where she was based, not much happened with the record....that is until 2019 when it started to blow up on TikTok and then started jumping up on Shazam's all over the country when it was used in the...
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Ariana Grande just tied the Beatles 65 year old record!

Ariana Grande just continues to knock out more and more records, this time tying a 65 year old record held previously by The Beatles, and thats holding all three of the top spots on the BIllboard Hot 100 chart! As you can see in her below Tweet she thought it was all a joke at first, but indeed it...
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Hip Hop DOMINATED 2018!

While it shouldnt be any surprise to anyone who has been paying attention this year, 2018 was DOMINATED by Hip Hop this year! From radio, to streaming, to Youtube, Hip Hop was all over the place! Billboard, which charts musics sales, radio play, and online streaming, tweeted out the artists with...
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