Saweetie shares her ramen recipe! *Warning* May be too hot to handle!

Check out Saweetie's ramen recipe and let us know if it's a Midday Munchie Hit or Miss!
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Think it was hot in Sacramento this Summer? Heres where 2019 ranked

Did you find this Summer in Sacramento to be hotter than normal? Truth be told myself and many I have talked to didnt think so necessarily as it seems the amount of 100+ degree days was not that often, but when you factor in the entire day's worth of temperatures, it turns out 2019 was one of the...
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What happens when you put dry ice in swimming pool?

Remember that one time you were wondering what happens when you put dry ice in a swimming pool? Okay...nevermind me neither...however watching said video of watching dry ice being put in a swimming pool was enjoyable nonetheless. Check it out! Video of DRY ICE UNDERWATER!!
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