Man Charged in $180,000 Unemployment Fraud Scheme

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has named 37-year-old Samuel George Baker in a criminal complaint that says he filed numerous fraudulent applications for unemployment insurance benefits in Pennsylvania and Michigan.
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Bank accidentally puts $120,000 in account, couple spends it

For many of us, hitting the "account balances" button on an ATM can be downright stressful... but imagine if you walked up to an atm, hit the "account balances" button and found an extra $120,000 in your account! What would you do!? Well, one couple decided against notifying the bank of the mishap...
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Scott Dudelson / Stringer


*Oh Jamal...* Just when you thought it was over... well, not really . You probably haven't thought of it at all, which usually means its over. Out of sight, out of mind. Well it is back in sight (literally) and now back in mind. Which make us ask the question: Did Jussie Smollett tie his own noose...
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Kanye West accused of fraud!

Well Kanye West has set out in not only being a music mogul, but taking over the world of fashion... but according to a Japenes Fabric company, he's trying to do so without paying his bills! Toki Sen-I Co apparently has filed a lawsuit against the Yeezy creator saying he owes over $600,000 for the...
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