Couple Arrested For Turning Motorhome Into Sex Dungeon With Their Dog

The owner would spray the dog with hormones to get it aroused
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Should You Get Time Off When A Pet Passes?

Should people get bereavement time when a pet dies? According to a Harris poll, 90 percent of pet owners say they see their pet as part of the family, and another survey found that about 30 percent of pet owners felt grief and sadness for six months or more after the death of their pet. Because of...
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Is Dog Park Dating A New Thing? [Video]

Puppy love … Are you a single dog lover hoping to find another single dog lover? Video of Dig-The Dog Person's Dating App It's now easier than ever. A new dating app called Dig features profile pictures of both owners and pets -- and allows users to arrange meet-ups at local dog parks. The...
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