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Big Mic's Movie Club: Dolittle!

Catch it on the BIGGEST screen in town!
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Big Mic hit Las Vegas for Thanksgiving

So facing the question of do I want to fly back home to Denver for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, or did I want to stay here for Thanksgiving & crash someone's dinner, I instead decided to switch things up this Thanksgiving and head out to good ol' Sin City Viva Las Vegas! Wasnt sure what to...
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Bay Area legend E-40 turns 52 today! Happy Birthday

Bay Area and Hip Hop legend Earl Stevens, aka E-40 is celebrating another birthday of greatness this year as he turns 52. I first met E-40 over 15 years ago when I was doing radio in Denver when his "Grit & Grind album dropped. Despite us not being in California, Denver had nothing but love for...
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Big Mic's Food Review: The Pizza Press

So was driving around over in Natomas trying to figure out what I was going to eat for dinner the other day and saw a brand new spot called The Pizza Press and the idea of some pizza made me happy so made my way in. Upon entry I immediately realized this wasn't a sit down and order pizza spot, but...
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WWE's Bray Wyatt talks about the Fiend at Hell In A Cell this Sunday

WWE's Bray Wyatt stopped by KSFM with Big Mic to talk about The Fiend's Universal Championship match vs Seth Rollins this Sunday at Hell in a Cell at Golden 1 Center! To get tickets to the big event: Buy them now!
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Big Mic was missing Hawaii so hits up Ono Hawaiian BBQ for his next review

So last month I decided to take a long needed vacation and made a trip over the ocean over to Hawaii. There I got some rest, got some rays, and got a LOT of FOOD. For example this amazing dish from Rainbow Drive Inn: This been the meal & restaurant I've been waiting for! Mixed combo & moco...
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Big Mic: Sooooo I got my first pedicure

Soooooo I did something I have never done before...and that was get my first pedicure. Now, it has nothing to do with me being a man and feeling like "OH IM A MANLY MAN AND PEDICURES ARE NOT A MANLY THING TO DO" No, not at all....I just really couldnt see myself being comfortable with someone all...
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Big Mic's SPICY Food Review: Popeyes, Panda Express & Wendy's

Well guys...its safe to say that its been one HOT week, and I don't know if the soaring temperatures have made my taste buds crave a lil extra spice or what, but this week I had quite a bit of spicy chicken experiences. I'm not sure who one day said to themselves "You know what, fried chicken is...
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Eric Bellinger stops by Big Mic's Open Mic!

Much Love to Eric Bellinger stopping by KSFM for Big Mic's Open Mic to talk about his new single "Type A Way" with Chris Brown, how he got his start in music and much more!
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Big Mic went to Hawaii, and somehow made it back lol

Sooooo a few weeks back we had KSFM's Hella Summer (if you missed it, then you MISSED OUT) and after that your boy was ready for a motha funking VAY-CAY-SHUN! So vacation is exactly what I did. I made my way over the Pacific Ocean, over to HAWAII! More specifically, to the island of Oahu where I...
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