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Would You Rather Spend Time With Your Best Friend Or Your Husband?

According to a new survey, just over half of women say they're CLOSER to their best friend than their husband. And here are the 10 reasons why . . . 1. We can talk about everything, 57%. 2. She listens better, 45%. 3. I can tell her things I couldn't tell my partner, 44%. 4. We like more of the...
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It Takes 50 Hours to Become Friends and 200 to Become Close Friends

Maybe this is why it's so hard to make new friends as an adult. Who has the TIME? According to a new study at the University of Kansas, it takes an average of 50 hours of hanging to become "casual" friends with someone instead of just acquaintances. It takes 90 hours to become REAL friends. And if...
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