photo by @DJ_Squintz

Today is National Cheeseburger Day and HERE are some deals : including FREE BURGERS FOR A YEAR!!!

Guess what day it is? Yes, its HUMP DAY . But wait...there's more... Its National Cheeseburger Day!!!!!! First of all lets just take a moment to appreciate the burger featured in the cover picture. I had that last week at Red Robin . Its a legit burger with Cheddar-and-Parmesan crisps, Provolone,...
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Mom hunts down her stolen car like a bawse

So...imagine your car gets broken into....obviously most people would do what she did first, which was file a police report....but did she wait around...nope... she just went into investigator mode and hunted down her own car! Check out the story (and of course we do not recommend you do this...
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