MiA interviews DAVID GARIBALDi

Monday, November 19th

Sacramento's own and World Famous Performance Painter: DAVID GARIBALDi 

Paid KSFM & Mia In The Morning a visit today =) to talk about his new tour kicking off this Saturday @ Ace Of Spades #ARTLiFE TOUR! 

Mia and David met for the 1st time in Las Vegas 5-6 years ago lol so we were happy to learn he remembered MiA because his daughters name is ALSO MiA =)

Press Play to listen to the FULL INTERVIEW: David tells mia where all the local sacramento hot spots are, shares how he feels having his own SOOSHiE RoLL @ MiKUNIS, His favorite song, How hes helping the #campfire victims, "what goes through his mind as he reflects back on receiving the KEY TO SACRAMENTO 1 year ago & MORE. A great honest conversation! We hope you enjoy!