Kyle Interview

Thursday, August 23rd

Super Duper Kyle called into 1025 KSFM with Big Mic to talk about his upcoming show at Ace of Spades on 10/9 in Sacramento, touring with Logic, his single with Kehlani "Playinwitme" and more!  Check out the interview!

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It is one out of five JSF mamet is big my man I'm so excited to give this man on a line he's definitely one of my. A couple weeks ago shoreline amphitheater when he opened up the logic and on the allow we got we got super duper cow sub bro. Oil also rose in our era man and great man you haven't gotten and you know it's Palin hanging out just finishing up this bodies and in numbers and everybody to hurt and management such awesome ride around and I'm ready to you know get into the rest of the year. I'll man busy summer I'm a what a great way to spend a summer scoring will logic. You know August and Oz of the shoreline empathy or place was sold out packed to the rams and I mean like any energy was as crazy and tonight of course whenever you hit the stage the energy it is ample flies to the Max. Yeah man army after he had ever I got but I try to do. Any governor Ventura conflict I've always wanted person onstage to be more excited to meet you. They're kind of there's a delete their itself. Or maybe reality strategist they get mall or make shared I'm ready to have a good time to the spurs are stages around that time Isaac and it's you know and the crowd. A man I'll I'll go to shows and you know like I'm you know there Jose's do whatever but they're all they they spent the whole time town everybody else to put their hands Obama like. You a reason to put my hands up like give mes so high it's now wanna put my hands up I don't need to be told. That on an RAM it. If you are gonna double the budget and that you'd better have earned it by going completely insane. Insane there's no doubt start barking orders. Exactly it's a react how lying and Austin got sake you grass on the success of play when you were K Lonnie man has been blown up near Sacramento. I think you browse the man I'm starting I'm so excited about that. Yep playing Whitney. My single feature in my outlook I mean. Really my big fist in the sending out younger to me you definitely bigamy not you know stand tall wide collared just like you know spiritually. Has really advanced and deck of Ronnie tomorrow when a mark. Close friends. Is on the song would mean and yes I love Erica I'm glad you guys are plain mean thank you so much. You obviously killed it with the logic to -- amended 28 senior not slowing down in Oslo and down because you know on October 9 you come back to Sacramento you coming out for ace of spades and I'll tell you right now I felt like acid already be in line to buy tickets. I've and you deadly yeah I mean. If you're not mine right now Asia badly died there in that they need technology on the olive or try to battle to keep on hammering out those are gonna go court. What I gotta tell you know I as much as I love seeing new arm of the shoreline amphitheater you know often that if you are doing a full fledged empathy and all that. I loved that the smaller venues because as you know love when you get like kind of it's a it's a more personal on like you're right in front of the face you know she got like close Diggins and so Asus base is dealt because like it doesn't matter where you're at like. They're right there with you in the show. And nominate say it is going to be really doubt. On the and I love it dementia coming out to do my own headlining tour in a minute sent by last year so I'm really excited about that and. And know you're gonna make time for us over here is open against Abbas it was a bright rats are of course. A fairway man well you know super duper cow you've had an amazing 2018 and I know you know wrapped up yet and they got big names on the horizon don't want you to know you know any time you're Sacramento our doors are always open. And I'm looking for now knows that metals looking Ford senior on October 9 ace of spades. You got anything else lined at I know you I've heard you always hear all these amazing things you've got going yeah I know some things you can't talk about something you can is there anything on the horizon you're allowed to tell people about. Yeah I mean that would move beyond our export. Netflix original comment. Directed directed and written by Ian enemy created by cue from where I'll start. AM my very first movie has some elements out. Grads man we knew what was it always a goal of yours again and acting or did they come to your idea while major decided take part. They can't. They came to me and really sold me on it but I was always I was then reminded you know. The actor Indian movies existing army beat out as close to be a Baghdad that was approximately. Iraqi Army out of Logan has great news mines. Yeah I was really are really blast that they gave an opportunity to yeah I try my hand at acting. Well Netflix music and know and a step by step he's going keep continue to take over the game and like us that now is appreciate making time to talk to us was. On the phone or in person and Ollie out of those people if you wanna see a lot anybody he would take is another quick ace of spades. October 9 he's gonna be right here Sacramento super duper cow cow man Greg catching up with you broke. I guess I'm sure it's good thank you rescue.