"DiRTY@30" 8/28/18

Tuesday, August 28th

Remember when TLC'S ex-manager "Perri Pebbles Reid" ? she sued viacom for 40 million dollars for defamation? 

she claimed the film "CRAZYSEXYCOOL" made her look like a "conniving and dishonest businesswoman" 

Well hunnay, things just turned RiGHT for her LoL! Get the tea on this story from Mia Amor inside the "Dirty@30" 

Mia also let's you know about her TREY SONGZ expirience in Las Vegas ....(hella funny) 

#PressPlay #Dirty@30 #MiaInTheMorning 

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As if I am. You foremost I want to apologize to you my lady listeners. I'm abiding until the mood on trees song list and I talk tomorrow my about my personal expert if it would mean streets on. Resting okay big meeting today and earlier it Cheney's not healed and I'm a huge fan. He used public just had a bad day that day you know I'm sure he had just gone out Blake and they have five different about. Areas Milo gray or I love which reside then and I'm like well it. I hubris eggs. It was actually pretty funny at the end of the day but no we develop the trees on the ladies usually you would do my personal experience that when you medium hot street gonna be smelling. All types of good but movie audobin wanna talk about this all morning this is so crazy you guys remember. Or VH one when they release he'll see the buyout the film crazy sexy cool about it is that a great movie. Until these ex manager Perry pebbles or read she actually sued Viacom because she felt like paper trader and this in a real NATO waves. And she you know has reached a settlement in the forty million dollar defamation lawsuit this is crazy so Viacom initially tried to get the pieces and is on the ground that the story. Was told from the perspective of Chile and bonds well ultimately the judge ruled in her favor. And not a lot of diesels have been you know released on the agreement but she's about to get paid she super forty. Million dollars she'd still get like goods they get. Is so great that it be Soo gonna wind is that is the big story did you bike I would not that turns fit whatever is game I was a big big deal itself we. All really excited about you know Roseanne coming back QIABC. How is looking forward to visit does he messed up and we oust them just racist stuff. Well John Goodman is on the show. Any actually imply that the character Roseanne is going to. Dead they're gonna kill her off on the Connors so there's gonna be really interesting I'm so sad that this has to happen because we grew up watching this show ray and I was so sad to hear that this situation. I'd do a murder and then they gamblers don't know her. The thing is that it's coming back and it was threatening anyone even more it makes it and nobody may ever have and got good morning.