[email protected] 8/16/18

Thursday, August 16th

Mia's giving you the tea on this Throwback Thursday. 

Teyana Taylor went OFF on Jeremih ...and what cover will she be on ?

50 Cent & tekashi69 had some drama in NYV while shooting a video! they almost got hurt...

Plus Rest In Peace to Aretha Franklin...Press Play for all the details on these stories! 

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Here's the dirty 38. On he has FM. I begin to Fiat may be the guy you're gonna seed Siena Taylor on the later that night sewer where Jeremiah. Well think again is she announced yesterday that she be dropping off the remaining shows she's that she's been extremely lean this treated on this you work. So on that note she will no longer continue to stay because it does to an end up knocking out Jeremiah. Well we don't want that community get a little crazy. He's gonna make sure that everyone who got tickets gets there refund but she describes Jeremiah as a lady sneak. And nice means scalp is lame humbly believe. And she's able went to the sad that I can't be on the radio ACC to bury a head. This is so great and they give I would be ideally is not my project and he needs that com downed. Meanwhile you mileage take out Janet Taylor on the cover of the September October issue of pulling people play piano all ages don't show it too much girl. And he billow black. After that day we got him off label I don't know glad about that a little bit. A little that I gonna hate you whites and it's CN kind of bobbing he's been in the hot seat six denying he a lot of drama surrounding that like issuing of the music video in New York. Yesterday and this actually with a music video for the show power which is my most favorite I love East Coast and look for the white boys allegedly pulled up and tired. Fired several shots at them. Nobody was he thinks god how scary man a lot of violence is following the eyes these eggs tonight. At big east in all there endorsing him and me it is not a bill look right now but thank god they were not he would and everybody on the that was OK and that leader is investigating this sadly less than eleven condolences to Aretha Franklin's family the queen of soul. I've Hathaway's this morning at the age of 76 she was suffering from pancreatic cancer. Passed away in her Detroit home. Fans who is under hostile. There I've been listening to read between the all morning and I'll be your shedding tears. Is that that we've been losing like a lot of this raid these last couple years they can't fake it anymore but you know let. If part of life recipes for the queen of soul Aretha Franklin if you wanna read on these stories of town over a favor and.