[email protected] 8/15/18

Wednesday, August 15th

Mia Amor is giving you all the details on Bruno Mars new opening act as he get's ready to go on tour. 

Nick Cannon is not only coming to Sacramento, but is also producing a new show with E-40 & TOO SHORT =) 

Beyonce releases behind the scenes footage of her VOGUE Photoshoot. 

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So talked. Be in the morning has the celebrity gossip news and dirt they don't want to know and about. Here's the dirty dirty hand on KS FM. Ladies and gentlemen breaking news breaking you know today's national relaxation Casey Malamud that you just had that hole and hit the spot. I'm just saying it should actually be a day that we ought to see pop. These national holidays be messing me out I'm like it's on paper this is for it. Well why. I'm does aid. But we do need a break it over the past faith and hectic lifestyle that we all live and budget but it did out there. Listen Bruno Mars he found an actor replaced party B well I just want a couple Sierra boyz to man Allen may and Charlie Woolsey have signed on to do is indicate on September 7 in Denver Colorado's so Bruno Mars concert. About to be pretty if US mean you know what else is about to be at this new show Nick Cannon is putting together he wants those lower than yay area that's going to be the name of the show. He seemed that would actually. All of the area which is gonna explore northern California drug culture is connected to Silicon Valley biker gained a black Panthers. And there's same thing as the wire meets the soprano. So he's going to be showing. Major left the Bay Area on this that big seven my boy Jack who I know is that working on that with him as well so. The low beyoncé she gets a real in this boat the video Shuster released but it. Which is like three minutes and she brought the kids along for her September both cover shoot which is over the bugle situation if he does have two girls. Which is very inspiring little boy doesn't show their bases there in the video black. You busy see it tell lower to yield either faces. But it's definitely up right there gave the band I got a few I dig that out beyoncé and he'll wait for that on the rented sewer. Eat salads opening up to get them available he wanted that have been September at the leaving stadium right there against him that app.