"[email protected]" 09/06

Thursday, September 6th

Happy Throwback Thursday! 

Mia Amor is back with the lowdown on Nike's "Just do it" campaign ..Listen to a clip of NIKE's new commercial airing TONIGHT during Thursday Night Football which is causing a lot of controversy

Also: Find out what Kim Kardashian tweeted after her 2nd meeting with Donald Trump! She's back to discuss prison reform and clemency for a new person. 

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Be in the morning has the celebrity gossip news and dirt and they don't want you knowing about. Here's the dirty you're 38 Monta SFM. You gonna be getting a lot of backlash lot of people are burning their Nikes are sad because Nike decided to feature calling cabernet energy is doing campaign. Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything and you know Nike did. They placed a giant calling cabernet cat in the middle of San Francisco union square there's one in New York City and leave a couple plays I think only has one skill. De Nike is embracing calling cabernet liking it or not. And the night during Thursday night football they plot adds an editor and a commercial with calling cabernet that commercial is nice second at the powerful commercial aside just about calling cabernet but he is in in a near the Glen. And believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything. When they talk about the greatest team in the history of this. And sure yours. You have on the one hand I don't just watch the. The commercial so powerful and I washed it like ten times yesterday is definitely inspiring. Took him quite ashes she met with Tron to discuss prison reform and to get clemency for Chris Young. Chris Young is from Tennessee and he's actually serving a life sentence in prison under the three strikes rule for low level drug related charges back and won fourteen. After her me ED she treated it started with miss Alice bit looking at her and seeing the faces a learning the story that the men and women I meant is that prison I need like nonstop I just one she said that it's time for real systematic change and looks like she's working on it I mean look dashing using her plot alarmed you do good I'm not even mad it. So I don't they should get a stop about one or two things and he does going to hamper some reason I think. Donald Trump is gonna side with her again you can read more on this right there at Kansas and dot com.