"DiRTY@30" 09/05

Wednesday, September 5th


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Be in the morning has the celebrity gossip. The news and dirt they don't want you knowing about. Here's the dirty you're 38 Monta SFM. Dade college so glad that it doubled and once there live off the hub based Athol you win bear Rollins and I think that's the big Mike ID no he wouldn't it be of great is seen as I. Yeah he upgrade is solicitor is from the 200 section to light one else to let the analysts felt. Big said the those ladies de Gaulle is still a major love to Sacramento last night. They also said he did called the Mike stops working hilarious stuff but he kept Iraq and it was such a great show. As that the stock Debbie before all the it's more big event figuring they're Kansas and dot com so. Beat he aired a part one of the Bobby Brown's ferry last night Allen of the day call shows so ID for got a lot it's. Well they are a little upset and shocked by that revelation is that Janet Jackson in and Bobby Brown had a sexual relationship back in the eighties. We learned that he teed it only need just before he proposed and then ninth and he is of the day of the wedding. He found out that Whitney had drug problems this is crazy but here's a clip of this scene. Where he and then Janet Jackson are talking about their relationship eighties juicy to family. It's to be good. Just because of my. Fuzzy one. Dark skin burned the files to buys you beat Ku ranked. Ski. Eddie but the part two airing tonight don't miss it I'm gonna be right governor Matt Beebe did you on in here and courts did Bobby Brown barges there isn't any really good is Janet going to respond to this ST it is doing and she does they know we never had a relationship Il. I mean we have got to wait and see what happens only had used to ease the worry. Can't wait to catch up on this tomorrow that the dirty get thirty if you wanna listen or read more go to is the band on come. A tell all.