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Tuesday, August 14th


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It is not Tuesday don't forget about the fact that it's taco Tuesday tiger is just seems so right to be on a Tuesday in all the people living was what I have been craving I actually Miley went the sun goes. All my guys I went to be original obeys it. Sold. Bob it's so bad that that's the beautiful people at Eagles are holding down. The setup Wiki MTV video music boy that's going to be happening in one a week on a school when he its end date added he Bradley category and the fans you are actually in charge to make this happen so song of summer is a new category and includes party be. Group I Calvin hair is Alan Mays who song. Sunny with a song of summer if you some meat. I definitely the Ella Mae boot where is one of the biggest songs is summer and I'm gonna hold schools aids rate in my feelings because that is went viral worldwide. I think Drake is gonna have a great time at the be amazed and even take home I do not know why is. Metabolic that August when he and I love awards show that needed now to rise to be hands in AK eight cook eat at a centimeter lump I heard she is launching the Boris Laura's Henson foundation in the the nonprofit has committed to erasing the stigma of mental illness and she's into holding a fundraiser next month. This is an honor of her late father who had mental illness issues. After his tour of duty in Vietnam so much love to derive its great to hear celebrities. Doing something like this man this is does a ballot on a body money. Is not about aim at the ball higher helping others and giving back so any celebrity or anybody that doesn't ideas. You know applaud them safari is in the news this even dodges aegs have you guys forgot about him you at eleven hip hop Hollywood heavily looks a lot of and you know there is the leagues that came out Felix how they'll like yeah. Anyway there's assault on a given eyes as album queen that was just released on Friday and the thought of I'll come see about me and in the song she's you know. Singing I'm doing good line them up here where we the line you know I'm so trying to find where we went Rhonda let's be blunt band I just think she's talking about safari. Will they be getting back together. Why she loved does that situation but it was a part one on sweater and said he was cry me. Because you know it step of the fiery and we are here for you blues face value off ice up but could plummet. I think he got his music has been that great ever since safaris Albright Aybar though. I think safari need to need to do is get together and write the music maybe that's where the chemistry is really that idiot what everybody sorry to get a recap right there. Yes I can dot com good morning.