10am - 3pm

What's up guys!?!? My name is Nina and I just need to start by saying thank you!!! Thank you so much for rockin with me weekdays here on 102.5!!! While you're listening to your favorite songs on the air I'm dancing to them in studio. I love seafood, baseball, hot Pilates, my shows, puppies and I never say no to wine. People ask me all the time "what I am" so I'll just tell you now to make it easy. I'm half Persian, half German Irish which is awesome because it's the best of all worlds. I love being multi-racial! Multi seems to be a thing for me because I also grew up between 3 cities. I know it sounds weird but it's true. If you want to get technical I was born in Seattle but raised between there, Baltimore and New York. After living in all of those places I'm definitely loving this Cali sunshine!!!

If you ever find yourself at Joe's Crabshack in Old Sac look for me! It's my guilty pleasure especially in the summer.

Fun Fact: I know how to drive a tractor. My friends Dad lets me drive his tractor around his rice farm in East Nicolaus and I think it's the coolest thing EVER!!!!