Big Mic

3pm - 7pm

Whats up Sacramento. My name is Big Mic (like a microphone!!!)! From Denver, CO where I’ve done radio for many years and decided that waking up to palm trees instead of snow just sounded like a great idea so made my way out to the West Coast! Obviously a huge fan of music of all kinds but Hip-Hop and R&B is where my heart is so you’ll definitely be seeing me out at Ace of Spades or hitting a show around town. Also a huge fan of comedy so looking forward to checking out all of the great comedy out in Sactown! Love movies, love to hit the night scene, and definitely love to grub so reach out and let me know all the spots I gotta hit up! I’m on your radio 3p-7p so feel free to hit me up on the request line or hit me up on my social media channels and say whats up!

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