Bradshaw Animal Shelter is overcrowded, Free adoptions!

Go get your new best friend!

The Bradshaw Animal Shelter
3839 Bradshaw Rd
Sacramento, CA 95833
United States

Event Description:

The Bradshaw Animal Shelter continues to run far over capacity. With only 132 dog kennels, but 236 dogs in shelter, as well as more than 300 cats – the shelter has already converted all open space to animal kennels. However, with the 4th of July holiday next week – we are expecting many more animals to come through our doors. 

In anticipation of more animals, the shelter is asking the community’s support for two things: animal adoptions and portable kennel donations. In order to create additional space for incoming strays, we are seeking large portable kennels to set up as needed. 

Animal adoptions continue to be free in hopes of finding homes for the already adoptable animals. Adopted animals come spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and license – well over $100 value in addition to a new pet!