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Superpower Dogs

Come take a behind the scenes look into the lives of some of the most heroic dogs in the world, from Avalanache rescue to saving endagered species, there's nothing these 5 dogs can't do. Follow closely as we take a look into the lives of Halo, Henry, Reef, and Bloodhound brothers Tipper and Tony,...
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Captain Marvel

Come watch a new hero come to town in this action packed movie as she battles new villains never before seen! *Chill with the 102 Crew on March 9th before the 7pm show! Esquire IMAX
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Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral

Tyler Perry appears for the 11th time as Madea in this installment of the Madea films. When Madea and her family head to Georgia for a family reunion, it unexpectedly turns into a funeral. What kind of family secrets will be exposed? See how it all hilariously plays out!
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Sign up for Big Mic’s Movie Club

If you’re a movie buff who needs to see the latest movies before all your friends or just love going to free movies, then you need to sign for Big Mic’s Movie Club! When you sign up, you’ll stay in the know about our upcoming contests for Advanced Movie Screenings, KSFM ticket hook up’s as well as...
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