Toddler Locks Mom's Phone for 47 Years

March 12, 2018

Parents, you're going to want to think twice before letting your little ones use your iPhone or iPad after hearing this story.

A woman let her toddler use her phone so he could watch videos. While she wasn't watching, he somehow managed to lock the phone -- for the next 47 years!

Apple says the boy activated the iPhone's security system and kept entering the wrong password. Each time he tried an incorrect password, it extended the amount of time the phone would remain locked. 

The mother saw a message on the phone saying it would be locked for more than 25 million minutes, or a total of 47 years. So she brought it into an Apple store and was told that she could either wait 47 years or just reboot the phone -- which meant erasing all of the phone's data. She opted for the latter, saying, "I can't really wait for 47 years and tell my grandchild it was your father's mistake." 

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