SERVED FRESH!: Ru AREYOU - "Maison Raksha Grill" (Audio)

May 13, 2019

After touring the world many times over, it was only right that Sacramento-born Ru AREYOU came back to the United States with a little extra drip on him.

The Awesome AWESOME Shxt head-honcho has been hard at work, traveling the world as a martial arts tricker for the LMFAO (with Quest Crew) and Justin Bieber. All the while, he found time to release two beat tapes and a gang of music videos. However, fans have been long awaiting his debut full-length album A Rare Evening--which he's been teasing since his time on the Purpose Tour with Justin Bieber. Since the early teasing, Ru has since dropped a few singles and shared others on his Instagram Live for his "BeatADay" series.

Today, Ru hit the internet with yet another pallet check to hint at the forthcoming album, in the new flexed out single "Maison Raksha Grill."

Peep the teaser below, and follow the gram to the full thang.

“Maison Raksha Grill” shot/edit by @theandrewfranz -- -- by @jasminecerise ------ #TRYBE -- 4EVA PS @maisonraksha is the one responsible for making my fly ass grill. The rose print details he did on my canines are untouchable. He’s done many great work for major artists I don’t even have to name them off. This record is dedicated to the flex life. Say that with yo chest or don’t say it at all. --

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