SERVED FRESH!: @OfficialKiyomi - "Colors In The Sky" (Video)

October 2, 2018

For folks that follow @hellasoosh (shameless plug) on Instagram, this one is going to be a call back.

About couple months ago, I found a girl on Instagram through someone else's story, and I was immediately drawn to her sound.
After navigating to her Instagram, I discovered that she was an Oakland, California high school senior by the name of Kiyomi.
Obviously, I was thoroughly impressed to find that this polished sound was coming from a 16/17-year-old -- and I wasn't alone.

Day after day, her Instagram story was (and is) covered in support from friends, fans, and discoverers alike.
A week after I started following, Kiyomi announced that a video for her debut single "Colors In The Sky" was coming.

When it dropped, I posted it in my Instragram story and the response was almost overwhelming. People were as drawn to the sound as I was upon first find.
Catch the hype for yourself in the video for Kiyomi's "Colors In The Sky" below.



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