SERVED FRESH!: Louis Futon - "Supposed To Be (f/ DUCKWRTH & BAEGOD" (Audio)

February 6, 2019

For those like me who are avid deep-divers of the music of the webiverse, Louis Futon is far from a new name. For a lot of others, DUCKWRTH is draw enough (Peep his single "Start A Riot" on the Into The Spider-Verse Soundtrack.)

But a name on this lineup that may come as a surprise to some is BAEGOD. Her infectiously unique tone graces the opening of "Supposed To Be," somewhat reminiscent of Jhene Aiko's earlier mixtapes that garnered a lot of attention in 2011. Her almost ownership of the track will definitely make newcomers to her name want to know more.

If that's you, behold BAEGOD. Formerly known as Maryann, BAEGOD is a Sacramento native that has been making waves in the industry for quite some years, yet somehow staying under the radar enough to give herself an underground flare, and an unmatched drive. In 2014, she and producer Sbvce coined Bedroom Trap as the sound of Maryann's smooth light tones of bass heavy low tempo rhythms. A few years later, she re-emerged as BAEGOD, seemingly succumbing to the movement they'd created.

In 2019, she headlines Louis Futon's "Supposed To Be" alongside DUCKWRTH. Peep it below, along with a teaser clip that hints that a video may be on the way as well.

Peace, Love, & ReBlogs;