SERVED FRESH!: C Plus - "Platinum Plus" (Video)

June 25, 2019

In 2019, it has officially been 10 years since I attended my first Sacramento Hip Hop show.

On 16th Street, across from the original Willie's Burgers, once stood a coffee shop, in a small strip mall, called Java Lounge.

At the time, Hip Hop was banned from almost every venue in Sacramento, so the few dedicated artists with the know-how to put on their own events made venues out of whatever they could get their hands on.

Java Lounge became a hub for independent shows of all sorts, but the Hip Hop shows were a real experience. The dark room with vibrant uplighting, the low-rise leather couches surrounding the space, and the stage whose background was the streetlights and cars passing on 16th street, all set the scene for a culture that culminated a thriving Hip Hop scene for years to come.

That day, I saw Natomas-born emcee C Plus for the first time.

An early-20's POC kid, with a clear knack for streetwear fashion, took the stage in that dark room -- with sunglasses on, no less -- and turned it into what felt like the early form of what today's Boiler Room events feel like. His confidence in his craft was clear, and the fandom that came with it was a seemingly very warranted response.

After his performance, he leaned back in the corner of one of the low-rise couches, and threw his arm over the flyest woman in the room as he basked in his own excellence.

To this day, I'll never forget the inspiration that came from watching that performance. It was the first time I'd seen an talented artist really walk in his own blessing, and it was the first time that I actually beared witness to a star in the making.

In a city full of backpack rappers and Hip Hop purists, Plus proved that there was a bigger world for artists to reach into. There was still a very open lane for rappers with the capability of rapping with content while honoring the mainstream soundscape. Over the years, that awareness gained him acclaim from prestigious blog write-ups, to features with producers of legendary caliber.

That night, though, was the beginning of a story that I saw unfold over ten years - a story of trials, tribulations, rises, falls, and a fight to rise again.

In the lyrics and video for "Platinum Plus," C Plus revisits that story, as it's now led up to the release of his Sophomore album, and reaches for a properous future for those who have stuck with him on the journey.

Peep the video for "Platinum Plus" below, and cop C Plus' new album Fahrenheit.

Peace, Love, & ReBlogs;