SERVED FRESH!: Blxck Mo$es - "TGIF" (Video)

December 3, 2019

Just over a week ago, a YouTube account was mysteriously sent out bearing an oddly familiar host name: Fly High Or Die.

In the early part of the decade, the North Sacramento-based Hip Hop collective had their feet on the necks of the blog-era Rap scene. By 2015, however, as blogs began to wither away, the crew seemingly went silent. Fortunately, that wasn't really the case.

While the collective had their ups, downs, and departures over the years, there was always a sense of comradery that brought them back together from time to time. The most recent collaborative effort had FHOD OG's Blxck Mo$es and Tynethys team up with Nate Curry to form the Retro-Rap-Funk trio LSDS. The bond was a driving force that kept the essence of FHOD alive.

Since, Blxck Mo$es, Tynethys, Yae, and Illecism have all released various solo efforts -- none that really beared the Fly High moniker.

This past Friday, however -- at 4:20pm, no less -- the Fly High Or Die YouTube page received an upload of a new single from Blxck Mo$es, produced by Tynethys, shot by DAG, and even featuring a cameo from Yae.

Fly High is back, and we're gonna celebrate like it's Friday.

Peace, Love, & ReBlogs;