SERVED FRESH!: Baegod - "Wasted" (VIdeo)

Prod. by Sbvce

December 5, 2019

A few months ago, we introduced you to Sacramento songstress Baegod.

Easily one of the city's best kept secrets has proven to be the hardest working artist behind the scenes -- literally, as she was the director and editor behind Nate Curry's "Temporary Fix" video and beyond -- and she's now putting those talents to work for herself.

In an early celebration for her birthday, she got "Wasted" in her the video for her new vibed out single -- where she not only rapped an sang on the Spvce-produced record, she also co-shot and edited the video.

Peep the dizzy spell-inducing video for Baegod's "Wasted" below.

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