Dimple Records Closing All Locations

June 18, 2019

According to Sacramento Business Journal, locally owned Dimple Records will be closing its doors in a few months, but the farewell sales begin tomorrow.

After 45 years in Sacramento, the Radakovtiz family has decided that it's officially time to retire - as stated on the @DimpleRecords Twitter account.

With the digital age of music still rapidly advancing, and streaming becoming the top method of music consumption, stores like Dimple are struggling to adapt within digital demand.

According to their Instagram bio, Dimple is "Sacramento's largest retailer of music, movies, games,books, and gifts!" Boasting "Seven locations in the greater Sacramento area."

While Dimple's social media accounts have not yet released an official farewell statement, but the Twitter responses give no trace of denial.

Thank you for the years, Dimple Records. Happy Retirement.

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