Snoop Dogg is releasing NEW MUSIC with "BANDA MS" ON FRIDAY

You read that RIGHT! With regional mexican band "BANDA MS"

April 28, 2020

I know ... we were kind of shocked too lol...But we all know Snoop Dogg loves to tap into different genres of music. He did put out a Reggae album remember?

The collaboration comes four years after Snoop Dogg posted Banda MS' song, "Tengo Que Colgar" – which roughly translates to “I have to hang [it> up” – on Instagram after the Los Angeles Dodgers didn't make it to the World Series. Years later Snoops team has been in contact with BANDA MS and they asked if Snoop  would interested in working with them, and he said yes. 

According to Banda MS “The song is excellent and I think people will like it.” READ MORE HERE <--  

In case you're wondering who Banda MS is...Check out some videos below.