November 7, 2019

I'm having such a good time sitting down with women who are making a difference, impacting and changing lives. I feel so inspired after I do these interviews to reach higher. 

My next "SHE-ROES" guest is an amazing woman from San Jose, Ca who's on a mission to unite and empower women through her story of survival and transformation. She has beat all odds against her since she was born and after leaving a ten-year abusive marriage, Shareen has been able to completely transform herself breaking generational cycles, earning the title of entrepreneur,  published author, Founder and Owner of Rising Above Writing Services, Professional Transformational Speaker, and TV Show host of Rising Above with Shareen Rivera. 

She is a "SHE-RO" you need to know about! Press play as we discuss many things that has brought her to where she is now. I hope you leave with the inspiration of never giving up no matter what you're going through at this moment. 

Remember it's never too late to start over, start your own business, accomplish your dreams/goals. Si se puede ladies.

Shareen and myself (Mia Amor) along with 5 other amazing women will be calloborating in a new book coming out December 7th titled “LEAD with V.I.V.A.” Stories and Strategies Of Leaders who lead with Vision, Inspiration, Voice and Acceptance. For the 1st time I will be sharing my personal story and journey of my career and sharing my strategy to make it. 

Learn more about Shareen Rivera below and keep up with her on social media. 












Shareen Rivera

Ghost Writer, Speaker, Writing Coach, Editor, Author

Shareen Rivera is an accomplished Ghostwriter, best-selling Author,
Professional Speaker and TV Show Host. She survived a ten-year abusive
marriage, and after leaving to start over with her two babies, she
dedicated her life to turning her pain into a purpose by empowering
other women to believe in themselves enough to take steps towards
bettering their future. She believes that sharing is an integral part
of healing; a wound cannot heal without air, and that the world can by
healed by each of us collectively taking action to heal ourselves.

Official Website: www.SHAREENRIVERA.COM 

Below are links to her YouTube channel and social media handles where you can find more about her message and work.