October 30, 2019

                                           My next SHE-RO is Scarlette Bustos.

I met Scarlette as she invited me to MC Sacramento's Women's March 2019. She had just taken over the lead coordinator position and 

was excited to put on a great event. She briefly told me her story and I was amazed by how passionate she was to be involved in the community and donate her time and efforts. 

I invited Scarlette to sit down with my and talk about everything she has been doing lateley, what's coming next for her, how she got started, what it means to her to be a LATINA SHE-RO. 

I think you will be inspired by her story and I hope it will inspire you to make a change in your community and get involved just like she did. Learn more about Scarlette below and #PressPlay

                                                                   LEAD COORDINATOR. INITIATIVE: VOTER JUSTICE

A proud daughter of immigrants from Central America, born and raised in Sacramento CA, Scarlette Bustos is a local activist, grassroots community organizer and business manager. Scarlette works side by side with the ever growing WMS Community Council and allies to organize events, including the annual march and rally on the CA State Capitol. 

Scarlette completed an Organizing Leaders Fellowship with The Hub Project along with other non-partisan campaign organizers nationwide who fight for a fair tax code and healthcare for all, and was voted onto the board of the national Tax March. Scarlette is best known in the community as the lead organizer for Tax March Sacramento.

Additionally, Scarlette is an active board member of Organize Win Legislate Sacramento (OWLS): a political organization serving progressive activists in Sacramento. OWLS is partnering with Indivisible and Sister District, to reach voters across the US every Sunday. 

She's also a proud member of the Sacramento Chapter of Move to Amend which seeks to create a constitutional amendment to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.  Scarlette believes that money in politics, campaign financing, and greed weave together most problems faced by the ongoing Civil Rights Movement.

Scarlette uses her Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts Directing from CSUS to organize and execute local rallies and marches for multiple national campaigns in Sacramento and surrounding areas.  She is excited about the ongoing changes to Women's March Sacramento, especially as an ally chapter of Women's March Global in solidarity with all organizations seeking to end violence against women across our world.

Scarlette Bustos 

Lead Coordinator 

Women’s March Sacramento

Women's March Sacramento is a 100% volunteer led project of Social Good Fund 501(c)(3), and funded by the generosity of the community.  Your contributions make this march possible - thank you. 

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