January 24, 2020

It's 2020 and I'm back in full force with "SHE-ROES" highlighting all the DOPE WOMEN. 

For my 1st 2020 guest I invited the amazing  Roxana Damas  who is also El Salvadorian like ME! She is a Public Personality/Coach, Singer , Author and is part of the Women's Economic Empowerment Global Live (The United Nations Empower Women project) 


I met Roxana through our book callaboration LEAD WITH VIVA which I highly suggest you pick up a copy and learn more about US. Once I heard Roxana speak at the book launch party I was so admired by her and all the work she has been doing with the UN. Roxana has over 15 years of consulting locally, nationally, and internationally, is the founder and CEO of RGD Enterprises Inc., the parent corporation for three businesses: RD Consulting & Translations (RDCT), Diversity RD Global, and Roxana Damas Music & Productions.   
RD Consulting & Translations connects technology and business to Latino and other underserved communities. Diversity RD Global specializes in all forms of diversity work, public affairs, strategic development, and corporate social responsibility projects. Roxana Damas Music & Productions, the original business that she began at 17, is now a family business that includes music, entertainment, publishing, event productions and as a singer, a platform/instrument for her message.  
Damas's unique blend of training and work experience in the fields of business administration, public and international relations, immigration, public policy, human rights, social services, gender issues, educational programs and violence prevention are assets in creating business innovation, start-ups, and uniquely designed new projects. As a graduate of UC Davis in Women’s Studies and her MBA in Transglobal Management from St. Mary’s, Roxana is able to apply her academic studies as well as awareness and exposure to these topics being raised in both El Salvador and San Francisco. 
Roxana’s vision is that her business and civic efforts will support individual and community transformations.  As a result of years of investing in socially responsible work, she has started the nonprofit Alquimia Global to help those most in need through a non-profit humanitarian model.  

Press Play and take a good listen to our interview as she tells us her story in MUSIC, BUSINESS, ADVICE FOR YOUNG LATINAS and MORE! 


Roxana Damas is also a SINGER..I did mention that right. Check out her song with Pete Escovedo below. 


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Women's Economic Empowerment Global Live (The United Nations Empower Women project) 


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