This women lead non-profit is helping undocumented families during pandemic

April 30, 2020
jazmin luna

I'm so proud to highlight non-profit "NORCAL RESIST" based out of Sacramento, California in which is lead by women and are the TRUE SHE-ROES during this pandemic.They are providing emergency aid to asylum seeking and undocumented Families. They believe that as activists and organizers, they must not only stand in opposition to policies, politicians, and systems that harm our communities, but also begin building the better world we want to live in. "That's why it's our mission to fight injustice through making a positive impact in our Communities" We host educational events and trainings, organize actions, and maintain a variety of resources and programs that provide support to those in need.

I was so inspired to learn that they distributed food, diapers to over 107 families and provided $61,000 in rent assistance to 260 families. Right now there is not a lot if any support for undocumented families in California which is heartbreaking. No one should go without the basic necessities. They have been around for about 3 years now and are helping and giving back even before coronavirus. I had a chance to interview one of the lead volunteers who's name is Jazmin Luna: Jazmin is a first-generation Chicanx who grew up in a low-income household with a mixed-statue family. Her parents worked in the grape fields of Northern CA while maintaining low paying restaurant jobs. Through her lived experiences, she saw systemic issues hitting the most vulnerable and marginalized groups. She firmly believes in equity through shared solidarity and community organizing. Being an organizer with Norcal Reists has given her an outlet to turn her words into action and make an impact within the undocumented community.  She will continue to advocate and fight for the most underrepresented communities to uplift and unite one another.



If you would like to support and get involved remember "You have the power to make an impact TAKE ACTION! 

Below are some ways you can support NOCAL RESIST right now. MAKE A DONATION HERE 








I also want to highlight the other amazing women on the team at Norcal Resist

Giselle Garcia 

Giselle grew up in a working-class, immigrant family in Northern CA. Her values were molded by her own experiences growing up in a lower socioeconomic class and as a Latina who experienced both racial and gender-based pressures by our unjust society. Her work with immigrants has inspired her to fight against tools of oppression and to shed light upon marginalized communities like the incarcerated and undocumented immigrants. Organizing with NorCal Resist has been an affirmation of her values and a refresher for her determination because as an organization we are all ready to tirelessly work in solidarity! 


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We’re teaming up with @solcollective to bring food to anyone who may need it. No paperwork. Information on other community resources also available! Nos estamos asociando con @solcollective para llevar comida a cualquiera que la necesite. Sin papeleo. ¡Información sobre otros recursos de la comunidad también disponible!

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What are your plans for May Day? Join us in this social distancing protest for workers’ rights!

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Our volunteers distributing food, rent assistance and diapers donated by Abuelas Responden this weekend! Thank you to our partners @solcollective in making this happen!

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