Youth Basketball Coach and Trainer @ Game Fit Sac is helping and inspiring the youth

August 13, 2020

My next SHE-RO guest is JACKIE WADA 

A woman you need to get to know. She has dedicated herself to helping the youth in Sacramento achieve fitness and basketball goals. Her story is one that will inspire you. Her passion for Basketball has taught her values such as time-management, commitment, work ethic, sacrifice and MORE. Jackie currently trains at GAME FIT in Sacramento alongside owner LEM who also chimes in on why it was important to him to have female trainers at his gym. Jackie and I also talk about the challenges that come with coaching, advice she has for young female athletes AND MORE! 

Jackie Wada, born and raised in Sacramneto, CA . My childhood was strictly based on school, basketball, and family. Since I was 7 years old, basketball was a year around sport for a consistent decade. It became the only thing I knew. Although I didn’t have a social life outside of basketball, it taught me values that made me who I am today. Values such as, time-management, commitment, work ethic, sacrifice, and also building relationships with good people. 
I continued playing basketball at McClatchy High School and American River College, and then graduated at Sacramento State with a degree in Art. 
I started my coaching and training career in 2014. Within the past 6 years, I’ve coached girls basketball at Consumnes Oaks High School, McClatchy High School, American River College, as well as a few club teams. My Wada Life training business has also been a success with the support of amazing athletes and their families. Within this business, I’m able to not only share my knowledge of the game, but I’m also able to guide young athletes through the values that molded me. 
                                                                                                                                    What is Wada Life: 
Working with young athletes inspires me every day. Kids are phenomenal, they’re exciting, they’re curious, and they are on a journey to find their own individuality. Being a basketball trainer gives me an opportunity to be a part of their growth and within their trust circle. I absolutely love what I do, but it’s one of the biggest challenges. Every kid learns differently, every kid has a different purpose. Some kids train to become a better athlete, others use it as an outlet. I train kids who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, and bullying at school, so I’m well aware that basketball is more than just a sport to them. Once I realized  that I became more than just a trainer to these kids, I was okay with these challenges. Whether a kid had a basketball purpose or a personal purpose, I figured out that the first step to progress and growth is, confidence. I’ve learned to connect with all my athletes because it makes my job that much easier to figure out what’s going to help them progress, on and off the court. 
I want Wada Life to continue to create an environment where young athletes can feel empowered and confident to do anything. I want them to build their character on the court  hoping that it will correlate to the real world. I want them to build friendships with other individuals of different nationalities, skill level, and backgrounds so that they can see similarities over differences. Confidence for the youth is a huge motive and I want to continue creating a comfortable and positive environment where they’re able to discover just that . 
GYM. Working out in the gym and staying in shape almost every day is something that brings consistent motivation. The process of becoming healthier, stronger, and dedicated has given me a balanced lifestyle where I’m able to still work on my growth, mentally and physically. 
ART. I also paint a lot ! Art gives me an opportunity to separate myself from my busy schedule. It brings me peace and allows me to express my creative side. 
FAMILY. I do my best to see my family often. I’m well aware that, surrounding yourself with those who love and support you can bring all the positive energy you need.