February 14, 2020

It was so nice to have met Constance Carter who holds many inspiring titltes  CEO | INVESTOR | SPEAKER | WEALTH GURU | TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH BEST SELLING AUTHOR 

Constance Carter is a wealth activator, real estate maven and founder of Catalyst Real Estate Professionals, the largest African American owned residential real estate and lending firm in California. But really, she is a luminary. A change agent. A money mentality master who teaches people how to transform their lives through mindset, action and assets. An expert at coaching people to power, Constance’s career has been one bold move after the next. She entered residential real estate nearly two decades ago, determined to become a force in a game of success that was not systematically designed for her to win. She came, she saw and she undeniably conquered, becoming a multiple seven-figure earner, a few times over. But it was her own bounce back from bankruptcy that opened her eyes to what she now knows is her destiny-driven mission— to empower and equip people to create the lives of their dreams. Known for her refreshing honesty and relatable advice, Constance walks her clients down a path paved with possibilities for amassing wealth—one that some of them may not have envisioned for themselves before meeting her. 
She is a captivating and unforgettable speaker who brings her wealth wisdom to stages across the country. Author of several books including Best Seller “Keeping Score” & International Best Seller “The Secret to Breaking the B.R.O.K.E Code”. She has been featured in several publications and platforms, including Black Enterprise, Rolling Out Magazine, Fox and dozens more. While changing lives is her mission, her husband & 4 children are her passion. A Mom. A CEO. A House Flipper. A Cannabis Investor. A Best Selling Author. A Wealth Activator.  Constance truly lives her motto “Nobody Works Harder than Constance Carter”. 
 She's also from my home town San Jose which was a surprise to me. We sat down and talked about how she got started, what facing your F.E.A.R.S means and how to embrace that, Tips on how to start investing, Breaking the B.R.O.K.E code, What she thinks about when she hears "Black History Month" and MORE. Press play and be inspired ladies and gentleman especially all the youth, Constance had some good advice that I truly enjoyed listening to and even took some notes.

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I love my life! Thank you to all my friends especially girlfriends who are a part of it. It means the world. 2019 has been amazing!❤️ #girlpower #girlboss #girlceos #womanpreneur #sisterfriend

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Thank you @thriveglobal for reaching out wanting to do another piece on me! Always a pleasure!#FemaleLeaderOfFinance ---- #askconstancec #constancecarter #freeofdebt #increasenetworth #expandyourlife #coachingsession #lifecoach #motivation #workhardplayhard #motivationalcoach #girlboss #CEO #bestsellingauthor #wealthadvocate #increaseyourincome #realestate #blackownedbusiness

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