"SHE-ROES" w/ Bryanna Quinonez

"SHE-ROES" w/ Bryanna Quinonez

December 3, 2019
mia and bryanna

I'm back from Thanksgiving vacation and i'm feeling really #thankful for this platform to highlight some amazing women. My boss forwarded me Bryanna's information and told me how she was doing some great things in Sacramento. I reserched her a little more and was happily surprised to learn she is her mothers caregiver, she started her own L for Lupus Foundation, is a dancer, event planner, DJ and overall a successfull LATINA from my hometown SAN JOSE #408 We connected right away and sat down to talk about it all. Press Play and keep up with Bryanna <--- she's a #She-Ro you need to know about. 


Bryanna Quinonez is a strong willed Latina who strives for growth and not perfection.

Growing up the youngest of 4 children, Bryanna grew to be a very kind and giving individual who always aimed to put others first. Bryanna is a Dancer, a Dj, a Event Coordinator, a Non- Profit CEO and most importantly she is her Mother’s Caregiver. When Bryanna's mother Juanita was newly diagnosed with an aggressive autoimmune disease called SLE Lupus, it brought many uncertainties and challenged her family to become the support group their mother needed to fight this mystery disease. Naturally, Bryanna found ways to help aid her mother through these daily balttles and it lead to understanding more of this non-curable disease, embracing uncertainty, and finding healthy mediation practices that worked for both herself and her mother. After some years, Bryanna and her family wanted to share the many lessons and blessings given to them and created a 501c non profit called, The L For Lupus Foundation in 2016. The L For Lupus Foundation aims to be a emergency safety net for lupus patients and also their caregivers and help financially assist them with their bills and help assist them emotionally with lupus awareness and supportive resources. You can learn more about the foundation and ways to connect with other lupus warriors by visiting their website at  Www.lforlupus.com 

Bryanna and her mother

Just a warrior and her baby trying to make a difference... ______________________ Come and join us tomorrow Nov 9th at the Chalet Event Center as we wear all white in hopes to raise lupus awareness and enjoy a evening dedicated to food, fashion, and fun. White Party Fashion Show Produced by @dmrprod . Decoration by @jq.events & @yenniezhoudesigns . Sounds & Entertainment by APS & @biqmoves . Tickets still available online. Link in our bio!

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Emcee, Dj, Dancer and Decorator WWW.BIGMOVES.COM 

Biq Moves Choreography & Coordination was established in 2014.  We have since become a full service entertainment company specializing in a variety of services from Event Planning, Day of Coordination, Entertainment Consultation & Management, Choreography, DJ and Decoration Services. 

Biq Moves has developed into a staple production company within the dance and event community in Northern California. We have provided and contributed to an abundance of opportunities for up and coming artists, dancers, business owners, and event producers.  Our goal is to grow a lifestyle movement by empowering and inspiring the community and industry professionals of all ages.

Last night was a dream and this was my grand entrance ✨ thank you to everyone who came out and helped celebrated 25 years of being me! Sincerely, Bryanna I. Quinonez --

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Follow Bryanna on social media: @bigmoves @lforlupus 

“She’s my She-Roe” - @miaamor143 -- ————————————————————- Keep an eye out for my interview with miss @miaamor143 on @1025ksfm / online, coming soon! It was so fun talking to this beautiful lady! Make sure to tune in and hear about becoming a industry professional and starting the #LForLupusFoundation @l4lupus P.S have you donated to 102.5 Food Bank? Locations are near you! Find one and donate your canned goods to the families who need it -- ———————————————————- Thank you @bigmicradio for the opportunity!

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