"SHE-ROES" w/ ALiYAH SiDQE #BlackHistoryMonth Series

February 6, 2020

Back at it folks and I'm so excited to highlight "Black History Month" and sit down with some amazing Black Girl Magic SHE-ROES in our community. 

My First guest this month is ALiYAH SiDQE  she is an artist, activist and educator.  Aliyah is a self taught artist who strongly believes in the power of art and expression.  She noticed at a young age that there was/is a lack of accurate and positive images of people who look like her. Out of this realization, Aliyah began to make it her mission to be intentional about empowering people of color through her art.  Aliyah began to gain more and more passion for art which led to her first exhibition show , “New Power Generation” in 2014, curated and hosted by artist, Milton Bowens.  She has continued to feature her work in Galleries such as The Brickhouse, Sol Collective, and 1810 with the intention to have her own gallery.

This Month Aliyah is having her very first solo art show for Black History Month at The BrickHouse gallery and art complex. She will also be having several amazing events (which you can find below). These events will be in celebration of Sacramento’s beautiful black community and a space where everyone, all generations can come and enjoy art, music, food and connection. 

Press Play and listen to Aliyah share her story on how she started, where the inspiraton comes from and get all the details about her events this month in which I think you should not miss. I loved Aliyah's energy and what she represents. She shares what motivates her to keep showcasing black culture in her art, What she thinks when she hears black history month and who she would love to be given advice from. 


website: www.artbyaliyah.com

IG: @artbyaliyah 

art show


Love the work behind me? Swipe to see full color ! This 2017 #artbyaliyah piece is called “Black like Coffy” 24x36 inches acrylic on canvas. It was inspired by the #blaxploitation film #Coffy starring #PamGrier . Have y’all seen it? It embodies strength and just makes me feel badass when I see it! If you’re interested in purchasing this #original art piece, go head to the link in my bio to grab it! Ps, the Person who grabs this is going to get something SPECIAL with their purchase--Love y’all.

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You know that feeling when you’re dressed to the T and your friends are looking just as fly? Y’all are walk-in down the street like a damn girl group feeling like the ones? This was the thought behind “Walk That Walk” up now on my website! Yesterday’s family picture day turned out to be the inspiration I needed to get out of my creative funk and create this piece. Swipe to see where I pulled my inspiration from and to see some of my beautiful family! Then go to the link in my bio, click this image and add to your cart to purchase. After that, sit back and put your feet up because the hard part is over. Now all you have to do is await your beautiful package. • • • • • • #artforsale #digitalart #procreate #afroart #blackgirlmagic #sistersister #printsforsale #artistprint #fineart #funkyart #70sinspired #naturalhairloves #naturalhair #texturedart #mysisterskeeper #aka #sacramento #blackart365 #contemporaryart

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I vow to respect and protect this love at all costs. -- by @joshbonzo _______________________________________________________ I feel like it’s become a trend to be alone or “be in your bag”. People say heartbreak and loneliness create the best art but I say fuck that. Love is the most amazing tool we have for our personal growth. At it’s best, it’s motivation to keep pushing and at it’s worse it’s still motivation. For me, it has taught me soooo much about myself and how I move through the world. It’s made me to dig deeper inside myself which allows me to become a better artist everyday. All I’m saying is invite love in and let it make a space in your life. You will thrive because of it!

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