September 26, 2018

Soooo since I have to work this Saturday and attend a wedding, I had to hit up Beyonce & Jay Z's OTR|| TOUR in Pasadena #ROSEBOWL

If you know me, you know my love for Beyonce and Jay Z is on another level. I've been to almost all their solo tours these last 12 years! 

Sooo I was thinking to myself, should I just not go to my friends bobby's wedding? should I cancel my macys gig lol...decisions right! 

Well I called my girl YaYa and said "let's hit up the pasedena show" LOL! She was down and we found last minute tickets on ticketmaster! 

This show was 3 hours long. Jay and B performed non stop hits back to back. Just think of it as a J&B 3 hours mix lol...he would do a song, she'd come out next and

perform one too, they come back out together..OMG! 3 Hours seemed long lol but they have sooooo many songs. 

Don't miss the sho THIS SATURDAY AT LEVY STADIUM. Tickets are available at KSFM.COM..

I came back to work on Monday and told my boss! You have to go DON'T MISS IT..LOL..So im telling you the same thing. 

Check out some pictures of experience =) 

So much fun last night! #OTR||TOUR with @yayamartinez it was sooo LiTTY✅‼️---- @beyonce & JayZ never disappoint me. GO check them out if you can. I love how it was non-stop, back to back hits like if it was a mix lol --#Concerts #LivingMyBestLife #MusicLover #Radio #Pasedena #LA #OTR||TOUR #MiaShow

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