MiA's FLAT TIRE situation YESTERDAY! #ShesOk

July 18, 2018

Sooo I get off work yesterday and I get a flat tire on 80 west heading towards midtown. 

I'm actually shocked because It's been forever since I got a flat.....so i pull over and exit off Arden Way.

I look at my tire and there's a wrench stuck lol im like..what this done on purpose...so many questions. 

But the worst part is, i'm on the phone with my roadside assistance and apparently I'm not covered to get a tow..i actually don't have "roadside assistance coverage" 

but have been paying it for 1 year. I ended up driving my car 1 mile down to the nearest tire shop and got 4 new tires. 

It was stressfull hahhha. Check out the pictures below!